Top 6 TED talks with kids


So why did we continue our work even after adults said it was impossible? Maybe because we are children. We do not know much else.

We are glad to share our Top 6 TED talks from children and adolescents about their achievements and views on life.

13 and 15 years old

Melati and Isabel Wijsen: Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali

When the sisters were 10 and 12 years old, they began to fight against the pollution of their native island. At TED girls shared an interesting experience which they received during 3 years of fighting with plastic bags. They told how they achieved an official statement from the president read as follows: by 2018, Bali will be plastic free.

14 years old

McKenna Pope: Want to be an activist? Start with your toys

Emotional speech by McKenna Pope about how she managed to convince Hasbro company to make series of toys more gender neutral. It’s all about how easy and at the same time difficult it was.

13 years old

Richard Turere: My invention that made peace with lions

Many villages in Kenya suffer from predatory attacks on livestock. Richard’s family was no exception. The boy was looking for a solution to the problem, trying to save both live-stock animals and lions.

14 years old

Ashton Cofer: A young inventor’s plan to recycle Styrofoam

Styrofoam is considered to be a non-renewable material: it is difficult to reprocess and unprofitable. But Ashton and his friends are convinced that recycled polystyrene can still inure to the benefit of humanity.

15 years old

Tavi Gevinson: A teen just trying to figure it out

At 11, Tavi started a blog about fashion, and four years later she launched an online magazine for teenage girls. According to her own story the platform was created to show teenage girls different views on feminism and understand what a «strong woman» is.

12 years old

Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids

Adora is sure: good projects often come to hand of children because they do not think about restrictions or difficulties. And even in childhood, the flight of fantasy does not break with routine and rationality. Sometimes it brings amazing results:

You can watch more talks with kids on the TED.website

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