Ryan Reynolds makes a hilarious Mint Mobile commercial using PowerPoint

What do you usually expect from an advertisement production? Probably not a video with slides on a shared screen of a world famous actor. Ryan Reynolds became a recent owner of Mint Mobile, which due to COVID-19 wasn't able to proceed with filming of their commercial. Instead, they decided to use the power of presentation.
Video was created by Maximum Effort Productions, ad agency owned by Ryan Reynolds.

The video was released on 4th of May and in 3 days gathered half a million views.
It combines iconic humor of Ryan Reynolds, several cliché slides and many Easter eggs on the home screen of the actor. The ad was meant to feel like it was filmed effortlessly and everything was improvised. Although, it is obvious that a lot of work was put into this, Ryan Reynolds proves again that you don't need huge ad budgets to produce successful commercials. All you need is creativity and, in this case, a PowerPoint presentation.

Let's take a closer look at the presentation itself. Meant as a joke, Ryan Reynolds used all the cliché slides that you often see in a PowerPoint presentation. You have a slide with bullet points, a bar graph and everyone's favorite pie chart. Ryan shows a slide with a quote, joking that he could use it because it is public domain. He wraps up the presentation with several "Thank you" slides and a photo of a puppy telling us to "Hang in there!".If you actually want to learn how to finish your presentation read this article.

You can argue if the purpose of the ad was achieved. However, you have to agree that Ryan Reynolds is showing that there are different ways of making commercials and doing it seamlessly.
As one comment on YouTube says:

"Is it just me or when you watch a Ryan Reynolds ads, it doesn't feel the same as watching a normal ad.... Like the feeling of wanting to skip it or getting annoyed by the ad is gone".

It is possible make entertaining commercials without huge budgets and standard formulas. Especially, in the times of quarantine companies needs to be quick to adapt to changes and use the resources they have in creative ways. Even if all your resources are PowerPoint and screen recording.

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